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Loyalty To Your Soul

The University of Santa Monica is a small, private Graduate School in Santa Monica, California, offering Master's degrees in Spiritual Psychology. The University's Programs include:

University of Santa Monica Statue of Wisdom

Founded in 1976, USM has over 500 students enrolled in its Graduate Programs each academic year. The University's core Program is the two-year Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology. This Program accepts 255 highly qualified students each year with classes beginning in October.


USM is located in Santa Monica, California, and is about 30 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. Close to the beach, shopping, hotels, and restaurants, USM students appreciate the ideal location of the University and the beauty of its surroundings. USM's student body includes many Californians from the surrounding areas as well as students from outside the state who fly in monthly to participate. Additionally, each year there are a number of International Students who attend USM.

Class Schedule

USM's classes are held monthly (October through June) in a weekend format, plus one week each summer. This schedule allows adults with busy personal and professional lives to participate.

A Soul-Centered Graduate Curriculum

Through the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology, the University of Santa Monica is uniquely qualified as an institute of higher learning to provide its students with opportunities for personal and professional transformation and equip them to make a meaningful contribution in their world.

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